Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Product of the Day / Diptyque Diffuser 2.0

Diptyque Diffuser in Baies

If you follow fashion and beauty bloggers and bloggers (which you must since you are here), you know that there is a cult addiction to Diptyque candles especially in the Baies scent. You may also already be aware of the price tag: $64 - $90 depending on the scent and type of glass you choose. I know, they are long-burning and highly scented, but it still seems like a lot for a candle, right? 

Leave it to Diptyque to take it one step further. I have had good diffuser in the past, and I have had bad diffusers in the past, but almost all diffusers are an accident waiting to happen. The small, squatty jars with the long reeds sticking out of them are prone to having the reeds fall out and leaving the oily residue behind where they fall. The tall jars with less exposed reed have the reeds fall out less frequently but are an even worse danger with the tipping hazard allowing the entire jar of oil to pool on your coffee table. And who likes getting the oil on your hands when you have to flip the reeds because they aren't producing scent anymore. There's also the whole dust catching eck factor.

Diptyque came up with a system some time ago called the Hourglass Diffuser which has no reeds (breakthrough!), and now they have released the diffuser 2.0. It works based upon the design of an hourglass: you place the oil in the uppermost chamber and it drips down into the lower chamber past the reeds over the course of an hour. It's pretty ingenious. The original model wasn't that decorative, but the new version displaces the Diptyque "D" in a gold floral design on the center of the chamber. It's even pricier than the candles, but it can be refilled, and if you love home fragrance but don't want an open flame, it definitely has its benefits.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Date Night Outfit of the Day - Rebecca Taylor, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, BaubleBar, ASOS

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I just want to wear jeans to dinner. And why not? I've picked out some dressy bits to pair with them but still keep the comfort level at a premium.

This Rebecca Taylor lace peplum top is so pretty. If you are daring, you could wear it on its own because the front panels are opaque. Another benefit of going bare is having the full drama of the open back panel.

If you aren't daring enough or feel that you need the extra support, this lace bralette from H&M is a good option without impacting the style of the top.

These white jeans from Dorothy Perkins aren't really a boyfriend cut but more of a relaxed skinny which makes them a more flattering fit for a night out while also teaming well with the peplum on the top. You know I'm always looking for versatility in pieces, and these could just as easily be paired with flats to do the grocery shopping, but I've paired them with studded, beige, peep-toe booties by Glamorous from ASOS to make the outfit a little edgier than the frilly top would have you believe. The chunky heel adds height but nice stability, and the perforations and heel cutout make this a bootie that is cool enough to wear on a hot summer night.

To finish off the outfit, the Starfire Druzy Tassel Earring from BaubleBar is available in either black or the grey I show here and is the epitome of the feminine yet edgy mix of this outfit that is also built for comfort. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

More Favorites - Daya by Zendaya, Nyx, Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg

Booties: Daya by Zendaya
Trench: Monrow
Necklace: Marc Jacobs

I did not intend to put together a complete outfit post today and just wanted to put up some things that I've found and really like. After I edited the pictures, I realized that although I would probably wear this as an outfit with a different shoe, I had unintentionally come up with a great date night outfit probably due to the fact that these pieces are so versatile.

These booties are perfect for a night out with jeans or black trousers. The wrap dress is so flattering for every body, but I would pair it first with a simple black or navy blue pump. The Marc Jacobs necklace is also so versatile and would go either with a casual, work or date night outfit as would the trench. And the eye shadow palette is the perfect mix of colors that will create a great smokey eye for a night out or a good natural eye for the office. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Product of the Day / Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour

The last time I did a product of the day post it was for Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colour. That product is truly a timesaving, one step method to easy but finished eye looks for everyday. Today I'm gushing about the Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour.

One of the hardest things about loving fashion and beauty and reconciling that to ageing is when you see a trend that is fabulous, but you realize it probably won't work for you. I know that there are some who throw caution to the wind and just go for it claiming, "Age is just a number," and "I dress for me!" But we all have seen examples of this in the grocery store; it may work for some and bless them, but I want to continue presenting myself with some grace and style in an age-appropriate way.

So if, kind reader, you share my goal (which, I hope, is why you are here), let's talk about matte lipstick.

It's everywhere. It seems like a great idea. It generally does not work on mature, dry lips with age lines around them. Period.

But have you tried Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour? Ah, you haven't. It is long-wearing; I wouldn't say it's wear all day, but it is long wearing. And it is MOISTURIZING. I'm not kidding. The brand describes it as a satin matte, and when you are wearing it, it does feel moister than a matte but not slick. It is very smooth, and the velour description of the name is a somewhat accurate description of how it feels when you rub your lips together. Since it is moisturizing, it does not dry or chap your lips like most matte lipsticks, and it's very lightweight. When I've tried matte before, it drives me crazy because I can always feel it, and it really feels like it's making my lips even smaller as it sucks the moisture out of them, so this is a pleasant difference.

I've chosen the color Sensual, which is what is always described as the pinkish brown color that is your lips just better. I do still like to wear color on my lips, but for an everyday shade for the office or running errands, this is more flattering than a stark nude, which can make your teeth look yellow (unless you are a strict whitener), and it goes with everything, so you don't need to worry if your lips are clashing with your sweater.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Date Night Outfit of the Day / Equipment, Jolie, Proenza Schouler, Elizabeth and James, Valentino

Top: Equipment
Scarf: Valentino


After referencing the fact that I love the kimono trend in my July favorites post here, I decided to do a date night outfit full of pajama dressing. I did get part way in with this Equipment top, but let's face it. Can a grown woman really go out to dinner in full on pajamas? Probably not without looking like it's some teenage birthday kidnapping flashback. So the compromise was to take the comfort of the pajama dressing with the top and combine it with a nice pair of casual black pants. These by  Jolie by Edward Spiers are a nice light-weight crepe with a high waist and straight leg and a little bit of stretch for after dinner.


Probably my favorite part of this outfit is the accessories, and I can't even decide which is my favorite, so let's start with those boots. I firmly believe that you should always find a way to put something a little quirky, funky or over the top into your outfit to make it your own, but if you aren't brave enough to wear those pajamas to dinner, you can put on a lace up bootie with a mirrored heel. These leather Proenza Schouler booties are on major sale right now at 60% off which is a good thing because you might not be able to rotate these into the work wardrobe or grocery shopping unless you shop at a disco. 

The Elizabeth and James crossbody bag is just the perfect bag. It too is on sale at 50% off, but this one will work for casual outfits or date night equally well. The leather is a soft pebbled black with silver hardware, an adjustable flap and oh that tassle – can you see that it's studded? So cool.

Finally to add a little bit of sweetness and romance, the Valentino skinny scarf keeps the cool vibe of the boots with the skinny wrap but adds softness with the fabric and pink details. But wait, those are daggers through those hearts – still keeping it edgy.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July Favorites - J Crew, Iris and Ink, Trench Coat, Kimono, H&M

White Blouse: H&M
Trench: MANGO
Suit Blazer: J Crew
Suite Pants: J Crew
Tee Shirt: Iris and Ink

It's been a scorcher of a month so far, but it's about to get rainy in my area, so I'm taking stock of my favorite pieces and working on putting together light layers. These are some of my current favorites:


This white eyelet blouse from H&M is perfect to wear with jeans, shorts or skirts and go either to the beach or to the office. The peplum means wear it with something fitted like a pencil skirt or skinny jeans.

The Iris and Ink white tee shirt is just a good basic layering piece in the softest finish imaginable. If you are like me, I'm always looking for my next perfect white tee.

Light Outer Layers

I have bought into the kimono trend in a big way. They are colorful, soft, light and flattering. I wear them most often with jeans and a tee.

For days when you need a little something more substantial, this MANGO trench is still one of my favorites. I paired the khaki version of it previously here for a work outfit. Now I'm liking the black version to wear either casually or for a more formal work outfit.

Speaking of work outfits, this blazer from J Crew is the ultimate summer suit option. Instead of the usual summer seersucker, this version is a lighter very thin pinstripe in sky blue. This blazer looks very summery, but when paired with a light cashmere sweater and a blouse underneath, it will be a very transitional piece for fall. If you want to make it work for fall, try sizing up to make it comfortable with the multiple layers.


I don't usually like matchy-matchy even in suits, but I do like the matching pinstripe pant that pairs with the J Crew blazer mainly because the pants are so different from the usual suit panting. The ultra-wide leg is flowing and makes the outfit flexible enough to work for the office, brunch or a day wedding.