Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Casual Outfit of the Day / Zara, Dorthy Perkins, Mango, Gap

Choker: Zara
Cami: Gap
Jeans: MANGO
Heels: Shein

Date night outfit, casual outfit. Date night outfit, casual outfit. This one is easily both, which creates internal confusion for me, but when forced to make a decision, I’m going for casual for this one. I might have mentioned (here) that I have a thing for the kimono trend, so I’m going for it one more time before it dies with this large floral from Dorothy Perkins. I was in the market for one that was more pink toned, but for the price ($29), you can’t beat this one. It has the attached belt, but I'm more partial to wearing it open over the jeans.

Paired with girlfriend jeans for comfort (I do love distressed jeans, don't I?) and a plain and simple black cami, you could easily slip on a pair of loafers or flats and be out the door, but when you put it all together with heeled sandals and a black velvet choker, you are elevating your casual daytime style and taking it to a new level. I hadn’t seen a choker in years, but now they are popping up everywhere. The ring hardware and the wide band on this one from Zara, make it a little more ornate than a simple black band of ribbon, and you could wind this around a few times and wear it as a bracelet as well. If you hate wearing heels on a casual day even though these have a good chunky heel making them easy and comfortable for walking, go back to the flats. I’m still loving loafer mules, and wouldn’t the Gucci pair with the fur lining (or a more budget friendly alternative) both look amazing with this outfit and also make it perfect for running around on a chilly Autumn day? 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Wishlist - Tiffany, Vince Camuto, Estee Lauder, Londontown, Ray-Ban

Ring: Tiffany
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Pumps: Vince Camuto

My thoughts have definitely turned to fall - not because the temperature has gone down - quite the opposite. It's still hot, but since the nights are cooling down, in my mind at least, it's almost autumn. My favorites reflect that with some great transitional pieces that could be worn from now into the cooler months without looking like you are guilty of trying to fast forward.

My wedding band is from Tiffany, and my husband has gifted me with several more bands over the years. I’m always keeping my eye open for the next ring on my wishlist. This ring is a classic, simple design, and since it's silver, you could get away with wearing it to the beach but still wear it out on date night or to the office and it's season-less. 

Estee Lauder has been my go-to brand for that "your lips but better" pinky nude for years. Desirable is another great version of this color that is nude-y brown enough to hold up into the fall. I've been hearing a lot about Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk as well; as soon as I check that one out, I'll let you know what I think. If you've tried it and agree that it's one not to miss, please let me know.

Do I really need to say anything about these Ray-Ban glasses? Classic. Nuff said.

I chose Londontown Lakur in my last Casual Outfit of the Day post. I’m still obsessed with it, and, as promised, here it is in Candy Floss, which I am currently wearing. For the first time I actually feel like polishing my nails is good for them because of the oils, extracts and vitamins this polish contains.

Finally, I could write volumes about my love for D’Orsay pumps. I believe they are the most flattering shoe, and I’ve had many different pairs over the years. And did I mention they are usually really comfortable too? This is a beautiful, classic pair from Vince Camuto just perfect for autumn with both pants and skirts. 

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fashion in Real Life - Saint Laurent Spring 2017

Saint Laurent Spring 2017 via Vogue                 
Jacket Approximately $3900                           Leather Jacket: French Connection $228
Jeans $690                                                                     Jeans: J Crew $115
Pumps $995                                                    Pumps: Louise et Cie $99.95
Ear Climber $895                                         Ear Climber: ABS by Allen Schwartz $52.50
Drop Earring $895                                        Drop Earring: Kristin Perry $58

Total: Approximately $7375                                                     Total: $553.45

I know we’re just about to find out what Saint Laurent has in store for us for Spring 2018, so what better time to look back at what they brought us for Spring 2017 and bring it to real life. I’ve had the picture of this outfit saved in my favorites file for a year now. I’m not sure what keeps drawing me back to it, but there seemed like no time like the present to dust it off and try to recreate it for a real woman over 40.

I could not find a leather jacket with anything approaching the cut of the Saint Laurent jacket. The neckline and shoulder detail are one of a kind and notice the puff on the shoulders. Hello 80s. But artisan incorporation of blouse detailing in a jacket and it’s a leather jacket. I compromised with a butter-soft version from French Connection that adds a little bit of length in the midriff to keep away from the crop. Saint Laurent styled their jacket with nothing beneath…The French Connection jacket has more of a traditional cut, so feel free to wear a tee shirt underneath.

Pairing the jacket with slouchy jeans brings a casual, livable vibe to the outfit. I went with my favorite boyfriend jean from J Crew. This jean is affordable and seriously looks good on everyone.

It’s the accessories that take this casual jean and leather jacket combo and move it into date night territory. It’s also the touch that really mirrors the look and makes it attainable for real life. If you have the confidence, pair the ABS ear climber on one ear with the Kristin Perry drop on the other. You’d look great matching either pair on its own too though, but the mismatch gets it closer to right off the runway.

The final piece, and the item that just pulls it all together for me is the ankle strap pump. Pairing this conservative pump with the edgy outfit makes it one of a kind, and the heel height is not too high making it a shoe that’s realistic to wear out especially if there’s a walk of more than 10 feet involved. 

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