Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fashion in Real Life - Saint Laurent Spring 2017

Saint Laurent Spring 2017 via Vogue                 
Jacket Approximately $3900                           Leather Jacket: French Connection $228
Jeans $690                                                                     Jeans: J Crew $115
Pumps $995                                                    Pumps: Louise et Cie $99.95
Ear Climber $895                                         Ear Climber: ABS by Allen Schwartz $52.50
Drop Earring $895                                        Drop Earring: Kristin Perry $58

Total: Approximately $7375                                                     Total: $553.45

I know we’re just about to find out what Saint Laurent has in store for us for Spring 2018, so what better time to look back at what they brought us for Spring 2017 and bring it to real life. I’ve had the picture of this outfit saved in my favorites file for a year now. I’m not sure what keeps drawing me back to it, but there seemed like no time like the present to dust it off and try to recreate it for a real woman over 40.

I could not find a leather jacket with anything approaching the cut of the Saint Laurent jacket. The neckline and shoulder detail are one of a kind and notice the puff on the shoulders. Hello 80s. But artisan incorporation of blouse detailing in a jacket and it’s a leather jacket. I compromised with a butter-soft version from French Connection that adds a little bit of length in the midriff to keep away from the crop. Saint Laurent styled their jacket with nothing beneath…The French Connection jacket has more of a traditional cut, so feel free to wear a tee shirt underneath.

Pairing the jacket with slouchy jeans brings a casual, livable vibe to the outfit. I went with my favorite boyfriend jean from J Crew. This jean is affordable and seriously looks good on everyone.

It’s the accessories that take this casual jean and leather jacket combo and move it into date night territory. It’s also the touch that really mirrors the look and makes it attainable for real life. If you have the confidence, pair the ABS ear climber on one ear with the Kristin Perry drop on the other. You’d look great matching either pair on its own too though, but the mismatch gets it closer to right off the runway.

The final piece, and the item that just pulls it all together for me is the ankle strap pump. Pairing this conservative pump with the edgy outfit makes it one of a kind, and the heel height is not too high making it a shoe that’s realistic to wear out especially if there’s a walk of more than 10 feet involved. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Product of the Day / Nars Multiple

My first experience with Nars The Multiple was several years ago and involved the shade Orgasm, that wonderful peachy pink that somehow seems to work for everyone. I was skeptical first because I had oily skin and the last thing I wanted to do was add something oily to make my skin look even shinier, but I really wanted to try this color and product that everyone was raving about. After giving in to trying it, I found that even more wonderful than the color to me was the formula. If you are unfamiliar with The Multiple, it is a creamy stick that has a powder finish on the skin. Far from adding oil to my skin, it had this wonderful glow with a powder feel. The creamy consistency makes it easy to work with, and most of the shades are universal enough to work on cheeks, eyes or lips. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking, quick use product. It’s the perfect thing to carry in your bag for touch ups because one product does three things, so you don’t have to carry a huge makeup bag, and it’s the most convenient thing to use when you are in a rush in the morning because you literally just smear it on. For such a quick, simple product, the glowy finish is also perfect for night out looks. 

The Charlotte Gainsbourgh Collection takes the more neutral palette of The Multiple and moves it into the richer berry and red range. Jo is a bright peachy pink like Orgasm but ten times brighter. Alice is a cool-toned red that is brilliant on cheeks and lips but might be a little too much for eyes. But my favorite of the collection is Jeanette, a beautiful, deep berry that is the perfect color for fall.

The Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection is a limited edition, and it is not available everywhere you would normally find the Nars line, so act fast to make sure you don’t miss out on this one.  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Date Night Outfit of the Day / Alexander McQueen Blouse

Skirt: Loro Piana
Belt: Revolve
Earrings: Forever21
Nailpolish: H&M in Bordeaux

Yes, I am going to post an all-white outfit after Labor Day. Let’s be honest, that’s just a guideline, and if you live in the West like I do, we are still pulling triple-digit temperature days. The weather drives my wardrobe choices much more than the date on the calendar does. And what better time to pull together an all-white ensemble than at the end of summer when we all still have some color and rosy glow left in our cheeks.

The Alexander McQueen blouse is classic yet has a sleeve that fits right in with this year’s exaggerated bell and ruffle options, but you’ll get the last laugh because you’ll still be wearing your new blouse next year. The buttons are concealed which is a huge help in getting rid of the dreaded gape for those of us who are a little more well endowed.

Take the classic, tailored blouse and pair it with a flowy maxi skirt for date night. All right, I will. This skirt is actually a light-weight knit, so you can pair it with the blouse now or with a heavier, shruggy sweater when it finally does cool down. I see it in my future with a pair of tennis shoes and a cross body bag when I’m out running errands.

Tying the blouse and skirt together is another piece that takes a trend and makes it more wearable and realistic for women over 40. Instead of a corset, this wide-laced belt will give the look without the discomfort. The back zips so you don’t have to worry about lacing it on and off. Wear it over the untucked blouse to add some waist definition, and you get to widen the laces after dinner to give yourself a little breathing room.

Adding the date night glitz to the outfit are these inexpensive drops from Forever 21, and for a spot of dramatic color, you can’t go wrong with this deep wine polish from H&M. Your nails can lead the way into fall with this one-coat wonder.