Sunday, February 2, 2014

Casual Outfit of the Day

Hat: Valentino
Earrings: Rochas
Turtleneck: Barneys 
Jacket: Helmut
Bag: Lanvin

Unless this is the first time you've visited this blog, you already know that I personally stick to a very neutral palette for my closet.  I generally buy only black, white, grey, or navy clothing items and then work in color with shoes, bags, and jewelry.  That's just what works for me.  I think those are the most flattering colors for me to wear, and I have greater flexibility in coming up with new outfits since everything goes together.  
When I see monochromatic outfits hitting the latest trend, it makes me so excited because I really do love great outfits of only a single color.  I especially like it when I see all black or grey showing up places because those are my personal favorites.

I've seen quite a few bloggers sporting all black lately, and it's starting to show up in the store windows as well.  Hurry and get on it before it's gone again.