5 Favorites for Your Spring Wardrobe / Zimmermann, Everlane, Athleta, Moschino, Smashbox

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Dress: Zimmermann

I swear I won't do that "florals for spring. Groundbreaking" joke from The Devil Wears Prada, but I have to admit that most of the time when I see seasonal lists, I never feel there is anything ground-breaking on them. It's natural that we are drawn to lighter, floral dresses and brighter makeup shades when warmer weather is beckoning, but bear with me as I include some transitional pieces in my current top five.

The Floral Dress

Yes, that is a flowy, floral dress, but, in my defense, it's a black and blue floral dress, which is not a typical spring dress color scheme, and it has a higher neck with long sleeves, which make it extremely functional for day and night, casual and dressy. Just change out heels for flat boots or booties, add tights on a cool or rainy day or a blazer for work and you are good to go. I always want a unique detail when I'm buying a dress or skirt and this has both a ruffle and an asymmetric hem. Perfect.

The Perfect Travel Palette

The Smashbox Create & Transform Palette is actually four palettes in one and is now on sale over 50% off at Nordstrom Rack. It consists of an individual lip, cheek, and eye palette and then a palette of "Transformers" that you mix in or layer to create unique shades. If you are traveling, what better way to save luggage space and still have a huge number of choices. I always overpack makeup because I never know in advance what I'm going to feel like when I'm getting ready.

Yes, Skinny Jeans

These Everlane skinny jeans are just perfect. Can't or won't wear skinny jeans, you say? Just try these. Trust me. They come in five different colors, are only $68 and have a little bit of stretch without feeling like leggings pretending to be jeans. And if you know me, you know that I really detest jeans that have lycra in them, so this pair is supreme. 

No, They Aren't Yoga Pants

Speaking of leggings, let's be honest. We all go out of the house occasionally wearing yoga pants even when we aren't on the way to yoga. Without fail, I almost always regret it immediately. Athleta defines these bottoms as "tights" not leggings, and they are a fine mix of casual and comfortable while still being a step above your standard yoga pants. With trouser-like seamlines, I can totally get away with wearing these to the office for casual Friday without worrying about them being inappropriate. I just flew to Dallas and wore the black pair into the office then onto my flights home. I was so comfortable, I think this is now my go-to travel wear.

Still Loving - Red Booties

Finally, those are indeed red booties. I know a lot of people have moved on to white booties, but I'm still firmly planted here, and this Moschino pair reminds me of my favorite Mary Poppins booties.
We've had warm temps for a week, but now we are being pounded by a storm. My mind is on that dress, those booties, and a warm cardigan. What are you wearing this week? 

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