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I was recently chatting with a potential client who really had a well-established sense of her personal style.  She kept expressing that she liked her clothes, she felt she was organized, but that something was missing and she just couldn't put her finger on it.  Often when I'm talking to someone who feels this way, I make recommendations on accessories and talk about how adding a statement necklace or a belt to an outfit can refresh everything, but she was already really well accessorized.  I was sitting back in my chair just looking at her trying to figure out what she could be struggling with when it dawned on me.  If you also read my personal style blog or have watched any of my YouTube videos, you know that I've been looking for new ways to personally wear eyeshadow since I have drooping eyes.  Because of that you would think the lightbulb would have gone on a lot sooner than it did, but at least it finally happened.

"How long have you been wearing your eyeliner like that?" I asked.  It turned out she has been applying makeup using the same techniques she learned in high school.  I let her know that I didn't think she needed me, but if she wanted to go over the Bare Minerals store in the mall with me, we could have them show her some new techniques.  She didn't have the time to do it at that moment, but she was so excited and vowed to go over the weekend.

Realizing that other women over 40 may not be choosing the right formulas or application techniques for their makeup was stunning to me, and I feel like I'm falling down on the job not to have seen this.  Because of that I'm going to occasionally share a product that I think addresses the special concerns we may be having and any tips for application I think would help.

This is a tube of Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm in Crystal Mandarin.  I've been visiting the Clarins website on an almost weekly basis since May trying to choose between Crystal Berry and Crystal Rose, but I guess I missed a few weeks because now those two shades appear to be completely sold out, and only the Crystal Mandarin remains.  So many women over 40 don't like to wear shiny lipgloss, but lipstick can be less than perfect when you have a lot of lines around your mouth, and I've found that lipstick shades which used to look great on me when I was younger are just too harsh now.  Hopefully you can see in the photo that this is a slender shaft of color encased in a clear balm for extra moisturizing benefits.  The results are a sheer wash of moisturizing color that won't fall into lines and will add a good wash of color without being overwhelming.  If your coloring lends to wearing peachy tones, please give this one a try.

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