Office Outfit of the Day

10:05 PM

Ring: BaubleBar
Dress: Thakoon
Bag: Valentino

If you're like me, the work day does not end at 5:00.  I have such an odd schedule, and every day is different.  Sometimes I don't start working until late in the afternoon, and that makes for some long evenings.  I also sometimes have days that change at a moments notice.  I think if you work with clients, that's part of your life.  Lately I've had to be really adaptable because I've received some calls that made me drop everything to go meet people.  Even though I work out of my home, I find myself always getting ready as if I was working out of the house and also thinking about where I may end up after work hours, too.  This outfit is another one of those that's great to wear to work and then out later.  The shoes can easily be changed out for a pair of basic black pumps for the office.

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