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5:17 PM

My first experience with Nars The Multiple was several years ago and involved the shade Orgasm, that wonderful peachy pink that somehow seems to work for everyone. I was skeptical first because I had oily skin and the last thing I wanted to do was add something oily to make my skin look even shinier, but I really wanted to try this color and product that everyone was raving about. After giving in to trying it, I found that even more wonderful than the color to me was the formula. If you are unfamiliar with The Multiple, it is a creamy stick that has a powder finish on the skin. Far from adding oil to my skin, it had this wonderful glow with a powder feel. The creamy consistency makes it easy to work with, and most of the shades are universal enough to work on cheeks, eyes or lips. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking, quick use product. It’s the perfect thing to carry in your bag for touch ups because one product does three things, so you don’t have to carry a huge makeup bag, and it’s the most convenient thing to use when you are in a rush in the morning because you literally just smear it on. For such a quick, simple product, the glowy finish is also perfect for night out looks. 

The Charlotte Gainsbourgh Collection takes the more neutral palette of The Multiple and moves it into the richer berry and red range. Jo is a bright peachy pink like Orgasm but ten times brighter. Alice is a cool-toned red that is brilliant on cheeks and lips but might be a little too much for eyes. But my favorite of the collection is Jeanette, a beautiful, deep berry that is the perfect color for fall.

The Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection is a limited edition, and it is not available everywhere you would normally find the Nars line, so act fast to make sure you don’t miss out on this one.  

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