Favorites // Dior, Aquazzura

5:52 PM

Sunglasses: Dior
Earrings: Lizzie Fortunato
Sandals: Aquazzura
Jeans: MiH

I started picking bits and pieces to include here for my favorites, but now looking at them, I think paired with a graphic tee and a blazer, they’d make a great date night outift.

Dior Sunglasses - These Dior sunglasses come in several different colors, but I am very partial to the pink. On first glance, they look like a standard aviator with pink lenses, but on closer look, the white openwork frame is much more delicate than expected.

Aquazzura Sandals - These Aquazzura silver sandals are something of a dream and probably belong on my wishlist instead of here, but I’m trying to figure out how many different times I could wear them to bring down the cost per wear to a reasonable amount. Silver, check. Cross foot detail, check. Super high heel, check. Which all together might make them completely impractical thus destroying my cost-per-wear pursuits, but they are ah-mazing.

Lizzie Fortunato Earrings - I’m seeing large tassel and beaded earrings everywhere across multiple price points, but these from Lizzie Fortunato make the favorites list because of the contrasting colors, they are both satin and beaded, and they have that burnished gold dot at the ear. 

MiH Jeans - I did not fall for the wrecked, decorated or stringy hem trend on jeans this summer. It just did not fit my personal aesthetic. I do, however, like the ragged bottom on this pair from MiH. Combined with the lighter wash, stretch, and a higher waist, they have more of a classic vibe that reminds me of broken in jeans from my teenage years.

There’s Someone Inside Your House - Speaking of my teenage years, There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins looks like a throwback to every teen slasher/urban legend movie of my youth. If you’re like me, I’d much rather read it than watch it though. Imagining it is 100 times scarier than seeing it on the screen. This novel looks like delicious brain candy perfect for settling into with a blanket and hot cocoa as the weather cools off. 

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