Splurge or Steal - Gucci Mules

3:25 PM

Gucci $750                                                    Topshop $85

I think you would have had to be living under a rock to have missed everyone wearing "those" Gucci mules this winter. I mean they were everywhere on Instagram. You know the pair I mean, the one with the fur lining. Well, now Gucci has put the go-to summer version out for pre-order.

I'm sure everyone will be showing up in this pair of glittery beauties, but if you don't have the cash and still want to look like one of the cool kids, jump on this pair from Topshop for a fraction of the price. An added benefit, if you love the Gucci but don't think you could pull off the glitter, the Topshop pair is a much more subtle (cough, mature, cough) silvery leather. 

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