Monday, January 27, 2014

Causal Outfit of the Day

Jacket: McQ
Jeans: J Brand
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

This is one of those outfits I've had in the back of my mind forever, but I never seem to put it together.  It's just so easy but so classic.  What could be more simple and comfortable?  A khaki jacket with the sleeves rolled up.  A slouchy tee and boyfriend jeans.  But then you get to those shoes, and what even compares?  They knock this outfit up into something unique and keep it from being sloppy.  And the aviators are just cool.  Wear jewelry or don't.  It doesn't matter because it's all about the shoes.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Splurge vs Steal - Structured Bags

Saint Laurent $2550                      MICHAEL Michael Kors $358

Okay so maybe this isn't the most exact duplicate I've ever found, and maybe it's not actually the least expensive way to get this look, but dollar for dollar, you have to admit it's a better place to be.  I've seen a few of the Saint Laurent bags both in stores and carried by people, and they are just the softest most buttery leather ever.  But I don't think a lot of us can cough up the money for one right now.  The Michael Kors does stand apart because of the hardware where the Saint Laurent is all leather with no discernible hardware.  The structure is very similar, the shape of the handles and the key fob are almost identical.  A great classic, structured bag no matter which you can afford.