Date Night Outfit of the Day

11:06 AM

Sweatshirt: Splendid
Shoes: Henry & Henry

One of the things I love about fashion is how sometimes it's okay to wear things you never dreamed of pairing together.  I know a few very athletic people who always tell me they never know what to wear when they go out.  I thought about starting an outfit with a piece that would make them feel very comfortable, just like they are wearing their everyday clothes.  Realizing that yoga pants would probably not be the thing to build upon, I settled on a sweatshirt and remembered seeing one paired with a pencil skirt that looked amazing.  On the hunt for the perfect pencil skirt, I found this sequined one.  The contrast is just amazing; it's so dressy but so casual at the same time.  The sweatshirt perfectly turns the over-the-top sparkle into this casual, laid-back thing.  I tried to do the same with the jewelry, pairing a feminine drop earring with a chunkier bracelet, and the shoes bring it home with a little bit of edge.  They will be deceptively comfortable for the girl who doesn't like heels because they are built on a wider rubber sole.  

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