Splurge vs. Steal - Leather Dress

11:30 AM

Black leather dress: Alexander Wang $315
Blue leather dress: Mango $249.99

This version of Splurge vs. Steal actually started with me hunting for a substitution for this perforated leather Oscar de la Renta dress, but I failed in tracking down a substitute.  Ironically, the price point between these two dresses isn't remarkably different since the Alexander Wang is down to only being available in a size 10.  Although the two dresses have a similar look, the cuts are noticeably different, and of course, there is the minor detail about them being different colors.  The black dress is a racer back, great for those who have an inverted triangle body and like to show off their shoulders.  It's also actually longer in length than the Mango dress, but both are quite short.  If you are daring enough to try this edgy style, the length probably won't be a factor to you.  The Mango dress has a very 80's vibe to me with the high collar and strong shoulders.  I do think only a rectangle could truly pull this one off.

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