Date Night Outfit of the Day

4:37 PM

Pumps: C Wonder
Lip Gloss: Marc Jacobs
Necklace: JewelMint

I used to struggle with all white outfits feeling that they always came out looking too much like a nurse or an ice cream man.  Then I discovered a few tricks: always use bold accessories and makeup and make sure there is texture.  These pieces all of have really neat details that might not be noticeable on a quick glance.  The top is actually a baseball tee made of crepe so that it's all grown up, and it's a great transition piece to go from the office to an evening out.  From a distance, the skirt looks as though it is sequined, but the diamonds are actually patent leather, providing the texture to the outfit and a new take on the traditional leather skirt.  The bright accessories start with the blue satin pumps, the red lip from the new Marc Jacobs' beauty line, and the bright floral statement necklace.  

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