Body Types

Rectangle - If your shoulders, chest, waist and hips are within three to five inches of each others measurements, your body type is a rectangle.  Often called having a boyish shape, I disagree.  I think the inverted triangle body type is more like that of a young man's.  Rectangles are the easiest body type to dress and can easily wear multiple styles.  Rectangles have a tendency to shift to apple body types as they age or gain weight.

Apple - Apples generally have slim legs and a larger upper body.  Apples often carry excess weight in the belly but not the hips.  I recommend that apples wear skirts and dresses to highlight their legs.  
Pear - Pears have broader hips narrowing through the waist and up to the chest.  Pears often carry excess weight in the hips and buttocks. Pears should wear lighter colors on top and darker colors on the lower body.

Pear Outfit 1

Inverted Triangle - If your shoulders are the broadest point of your body, and you narrow down through the torso and have a waist and hips that are generally the same size, you have an inverted triangle body type. Inverted triangles should draw attention to their slim waists and hips by wearing lighter colors on the lower body.

Inverted Triangle Outfit 1

Hourglass - Often considered the ideal female form, the hourglass is defined by having a chest and hips within three to five inches of each other with a narrower waist.  Those with an hourglass figure should choose to highlight the attribute they are most comfortable with.  Some will choose to always define the small waist with belts.  Wearing a peplum is another way to accentuate the hourglass.

Hourglass Outfit 1
Hourglass Outfit 2
Hourglass Outfit 3

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