5 Favorites for Video Calls

3:03 PM

I saw so many of these posts when we all first started to self-isolate, and then they gradually dropped off. But now that my area is facing a potential shut down again, and I have many, many hours of Zoom calls to base my favorites off of, I'm finally publishing my list.

For me, it comes down to my skin and light, easy cream solutions. I'm not putting huge effort into my face every day, and I'm using the opportunity of not having to put foundation on every day to let my skin rest and now to let it speak for itself.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream is the type of moisturizer I reach for when I want to feel that I've applied something heavier but I don't want to feel greasy. It plumps me up and somehow evens out my skin tone, leaving me with a subtle glow that doesn't look greasy on calls. I feel confident enough to go without foundation when I'm wearing this on its own.

I top off my moisturizer with a cream blush like the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Cream Blush. The shade 09 Cool Berry is the perfect flushed check for my skin tone. If I want something a little bolder, I dot on Daiquiri Dip. Blush is a necessity because without it, the face looks flat and one dimensional on calls. Also the shadows if you don't have perfect lighting are a little less exaggerated with some color. 

I tend to smear on some cream eyeshadow and mascara. As long as I have the color there enhancing and drawing attention to my eyes, I don't worry about liner because no one can really see the detail. The Clarins' pots are cream to powder so even if I get exasperated and rub my eyes, it's less likely to smear.

The final touch of color comes from a tinted balm like the Soap & Glory Lip Oil in Sheer Red. These oils are so moisturizing, and the sheer tint adds color to lifeless lips without being too over the top. These are a fraction of the price of other oils, but if you don't want to go a little more plush, try the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil which comes in a wider range of shades.

Finally, it's important to me that I feel my best when I start a call. One way for me is to spritz on some fragrance. A great scent puts me in the right frame of mind to start every new project or refreshes me when I need a pick up. Right now I'm favoring Jo Malone Orange Bitters. Even in summer I like a scent that is a little more earthier, and the combination of orange, sandalwood and amber makes me feel cozy even when the air conditioning is blasting. 

What are some of your tips that have been helping you get through virtual calls? I'd love more recommendations and routines. 

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