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My daughter, A, and I are at Ulta a lot. Between getting our brows done and her favorite person for doing her makeup for events now working there, and just stopping in to pick up the latest and greatest things we've heard about and have wanted to review, has made us well known by the staff. Chatting with them is dangerous because we always walk out with way more than what we went in for, but we do receive some of the best recommendations this way.

 Brando, who runs the Nars cosmetics counter at our Ulta, recently asked me if I had ever tried their Radiance Primer, and because I hadn't, he sat me down and had me watch while he reapplied my makeup. I'm always leery of "radiance" products because often that means shiny, but this is genuinely luminous.

The primer looks peachy-pink in the tube and has a very fresh almost spa-like scent that I find refreshing. As you apply, the color diminishes, leaving a glowing, beautiful skin finish.  It does not have that heavy, slippery, slick feel of primers like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, but it is tacky enough to grip the makeup applied over it. 

As the weather has begun to heat up here in Nevada, I've noticed a dramatic change in how my makeup 1. is not budging and, 2. it is not breaking down, which is a significant problem for me. I usually get two hours into the day and have what look like small dots of makeup everywhere as it has sunk into my pores in some places and disappeared in other. 

Nars Radiance Primer is my new favorite primer for aging skin. I've found it especially good under full-coverage formulas like the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able I shared here or the Armani Power Fabric

Have you tried the Nars cosmetics primer? Are you a fan of Nars makeup in general? Do you use a primer or do you think it's unnecessary? I'd love to hear your thoughts. I mean who even had heard of this product when we were in high school? 

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