Casual Outfit of the Day / Football Viewing in Coach 1941

8:33 PM

Leather Jacket: Coach 1941
Fur Vest: REISS On Sale
Blouse: 66 Girls
Jeans: Abercrombie On Sale!
Leather Sneakers: Coach 1941 On Sale!

I'm sure your feeds are jammed with after Christmas sales and New Year's Eve outfits, but if you are like me, with no grand plans to go out on the town, you might be more interested in an outfit perfect for watching Bowl games on New Year's Day.

This one lets you retain some feminity instead of giving in to the impulse to wear team jerseys while still keeping you warm and comfortable.

The leather jacket from Coach 1941 is the softest lambskin with a hint of a vintage vibe from the shearling collar. It reminds me of a schoolboy's jacket from the 50s.

If you have to brave the freezing temperatures in so many parts of the country right now, pile the pink shearling vest over the jacket. It's actually reversible, so you could wear that lovely, soft fur next to your skin and have the pale rose sueded leather provide a contrast to the shiny black lambskin of the jacket. Since the vest is oversized, you should have no issues with bulkiness as you layer.

Peeking out from underneath are the gathered bell sleeves of this charming floral blouse. It beautifully pulls together the rose vest and the brown collar of the jacket and adds to the overall feminine vibe of the outfit. The shirt has a tie that can be worn around the neck or the waist for a gathered tunic effect, but I would leave it off and wear it without to give this mix some lightness and movement.

On to the classics of game day attire: jeans and sneakers, but what a twist. Pair this white denim with the more substantial, darker pieces to keep the outfit fresh and then team them (see what I did there? team...) with these fantastic and practical black leather Coach 1941 sneakers. The shearling detail coordinates perfectly with the jacket's collar while the pink laces echo the rose of the vest, and the rubber soles will keep you from sliding around in the slush. What better way to start the New Year than in this mix?

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