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9:14 PM

I love finding new brands and even better is when those brands have great products. In October, I was given a bottle of Pistache Skincare Pistachio and Lavender Divine Beauty Oil to review. I receive a significant amount of samples, most of which I never share here on the blog, but when I like something, I want to share it with you. 

Oils have shown up so much in beauty routines over the last few years, so I assume that most people have tried at lease one. I know from my personal experiences that not all oils are created equal. Prior to the Pistache, my favorite has been Bobbi Brown’s Extra Face Oil ($67/oz), which smells amazing. In comparison, the Pistache has more of a traditional spa scent as it contains lavender for healing and soothing, and for $34 for 3.4 oz., it’s an amazing bargain.

I also appreciate the packaging. Oils most frequently are packaged in some type of bottle and you end up balancing the oil in your hand while trying not to spill after you pour and try to recap. This product has a pump dispenser, an inner cap to prevent leaking and a larger outer cap. This is genius. 

I began using the oil on my face, but quickly moved on to applying it to my hands and neck where my eczema has traditionally been the worse. I love that it is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. Based on the recommendation on the bottle, I’ve also been applying it to the ends of my hair and find it soaks in nicely without adding extra greasiness. 

I don’t believe I’ve ever used pistachio oil before, but since the creator of the brand is a fourth generation pistachio grower herself, I trust she understands the benefits of the oil.

Have you every used pistachio oil before? What did you find to be beneficial? 

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