Product of the Day - Nail Buffer

11:06 AM

Having just suffered through the process of removing a gel manicure, I now have one of these goodies permanently housed next to my computer keyboard.  If you've never gone through the gel manicure process, it is as incredibly lasting and glossy as they claim.  However, nothing really prepared me for trying to get it off.  I had heard rumblings from bloggers and people on Twitter and Instragram that it was a damaging process, but I never put a lot of thought into it before going and getting my first manicure.  What should have keyed me in was when all the people who worked at the nail salon kept asking me, "Do you have gel on now?"  At least three people asked.  I kept saying no, wondering what difference it makes.  Now, looking back, it seems completely logical that something that is basically boat lacquer would be difficult to get off once it has bonded with your nail base.  Um...what do they have to do to get lacquer off the deck of a boat?  They have to sand it.  What happens when you sand something?  It gets thinner.  Thankfully I have really thick, hard nails otherwise I don't know what I would have been left with, but for the people who are doing this routinely, I don't want to think about what your nails are going to be like in a few years.

This little tool has helped me get rid of the ridges left from basically sanding down and picking off the gel.  It has a coarser side than any buffer I've used in the past, but it's really effective at getting rid of ridges.  And for $5.00, what a quick fix when you don't have time for a full manicure or letting polish dry.  Just rub on some nail oil after, and you are good to go.

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